Preparing Your Commercial Vehicle When You Break Down

Breaking down on the side of the road is never a fun experience.  For those who are running commercial vehicles the thought of breaking down on the side of the road is a real nightmare.  When a commercial vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, it is in danger of not making its delivery time, the cargo may spoil, and the trip may cost the company a valuable client.  With all of these factors in play having reliable commercial vehicle roadside assistance could mean the difference between having a job or not.

Knowing your exact location

When you break down knowing your exact GPS coordinates and physical location will be vital to any rescue personal to find you quickly.  Make note of your mile maker, any exit numbers and even any commercial establishments such as truck stops, restaurants and gas stations.  These may help direct drivers to your location quicker.

Have your vital info

When you are receiving your assistance make sure you have all of your vital information and paperwork.  The rescue trucks will need to have your insurance information, company name, phone numbers and any payment information to pay for the rescue.  Take the time you have before you receive assistance to have all of this handy.

Secure your cargo

If hauling a load requesting a replacement truck or other forms of transportation to arrive at your location.  Being able to switch out a cab with another and continuing on your way will as fast as you can will help keep your schedule.  With the second driver they will be able to arrange to get your broken truck to the mechanics while you complete your run.

commercial vehicle roadside assistance

Maintain your vehicle

Before traveling out onto the road make sure that you keep a well-maintained vehicle.  This of course doesn’t protect you from unforeseen situations, but it does make sure you are running with the most maintained vehicle you can.